Power and boost your business digital life.

Lansa Systems provides the tools to help every team, startup to enterprise reach their full potential.

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Faster Applications


Industry add-ons

Enterprise-class availability. Always ready, wherever you are.

Enterprise availability

Build and grow. Fast.

We offer adaptive multi-layer business softwares designed by world-class experts. All of our products were carefully crafted with any type of business in mind.

We ensure high availability and resiliency thanks to our advanced building methodologies, backup recovery systems, and fully capable on-premise solutions.

Grow Your Business

Growth doesn’t mean much if it puts you and your customers at risk. Let’s help you stay compliant and in control.

Grow your business
Specialized Apps

Applications solving specific use cases are designed to run on desktop, tablet or mobile.


We take availability seriously. We offer a guaranteed SLA so you don’t have to worry, no matter how big your user base is.

Cloud Hybrid

Our products runs on-premises and in the cloud, allowing you to choose which option is right for business.

Apps And Apis

We offer api support for any of out product so you worry less about extensibility.


Visibility into users' and customer activity means better, faster decision-making.

Free Updates

Product update is managed consistently across the business server or service of choice.

Let’s start building, together.